How to turn a marathon into a party

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-15 um 10.56.49Running 42km sounds like a nightmare to you? You’d rather stay in bed all day long on and not get up at 6am – on a Sunday – just to run, right? And most definitely running is far from being a party. Making a comparison here would be an insult to anyone who stays up all night and day starting from Friday after work till Monday morning before work.

Also vice versa – a bunch of runners may want to distance themselves from the idea of going to a „P A R T Y“ in the context of running as they are very seriously chasing records and have trained very seriously for a race.

While I have nothing but respect for all professional athletes who have a running career and actually make a living from running, the majority of „us“ runners could probably relax a little more, put a smile or two on our faces and most importantly retract our elbows that keep others from overtaking or at distance. We don’t live in a time where we have to chase after animals anymore and prove to our family and community that we can take care of them with great running (hunting) skills.

Running is a lifestyle – for some it is to demonstrate a certain level of fitness and toughness, for others it is a way to become more fit. For me, running has become a way it to see life from different perspectives – running helps me think and sometimes not to think – most often to get some fresh oxygen into me head, get my body moving. Of course I could do all that and have the same effect on any given day, I don’t have to register for marathons. True.

The same accounts for listening to music actually: you could to that anywhere and anytime, all by yourself or just with your besties – then why do you go to a club, concert or festival? Because you enjoy the very special atmosphere of how your favorite music is played and because you get to be part of the performance. And this feeling is purely G R E A T.

Just like running is to me – especially in Hamburg. I’ve lived in this city for almost six years, I call it my (second) home. Home is where your heart is, where you don’t feel stressed, right? You can be and act the way you are, right? You can run around in the clothes you feel most comfortable in or just naked, don’t wear any make-up or a lot, eat on the sofa, or in bed, sing like no one’s listening although your neighbors probably do.

This is exactly what I’m feeling about tomorrow. Why stress out when it’s about enjoying who you are and having a good time. Just like my main goal for all of last year’s runs was to have fun, I want to have a hell lot of fun tomorrow, too. Crossing the finishing line and even getting close to a new PB would be great – I admit that. Compare it to seeing someone at a party/concert/festival and making a move of talking to him or her, exchanging phone numbers or just hitting it of right there, right then

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-16 um 21.02.59I’ll let it all happen and I’ll party from head to toe by putting on a glitzy headpiece, lace up my dancing….uhm running shoes with silver wings. I cannot wait to feel the goose bumps with balloons flying up in the air and crossing the starting line, then trying to spot familiar faces along the
race, trying to high five as many kids as possible, waving to the samba bands who stand out there for hours to keep thousands of runners moving. It’s part of the performance. It’s my way of turning a marathon in to a party.

Hope to see you there. Cheers 😉



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