The Open 15.5: and then they were done…

Bit by bit did I do the opens over the past few weeks. It’s been a cool and energizing, inspiring as well as a reality-check time. Today is Good Friday, the sun is shining on my living room hammock and on my face. The 2015 CrossFit Open are officially over since Monday. There hasn’t been a new workout announcement today, no live show with top athletes and evil smirking Dave Castro, no new strategizing how to attack a workout, an unknown movement, a new PR, a least favorite CrossFit element.

To be honest, I am not sad at all the opens are over, actually I am kind of glad that I get to sleep in on Saturdays and also don’t need to worry about maybe not so great performances. I know, I know I’m doing all this for fun and I’m not in a competition. But as a full-time thinker my mind is constantly weighing the ifs and buts and maybes, racing from past to present to the future, orbiting the possibilities of my time spent with sports and on earth.

The last five weeks were a really cool learning time for me. Did I bit of more than I could chew? Nope – I think I did perfectly fine for my experience and took notes what I need to work on – if I want to improve. And yes, I want to. And I know I can. I’m fitter now than I was ten years ago and I just hope that I can become an active old granny if I continue being active (see…that’s what I mean about thinking ^-^).

I learned a bunch about myself and my CrossFit me, I also learned a bunch more about my fellow box members. Simple things like their age and experience, but also techniques and pacing strategies. Oh and not to forget some killer recipes for killer soul food treats! Looking back though I must admit I didn’t eat as much banana bread as I originally expected. Not that it wasn’t good – believe me it was killer delicious – but I’m not a big sweet eater after a workout. Water comes first, second: rest and some stretching. Then usually something more hearty. But that’s a different story and might be told some other time.

So, what was 15,5.?
It was a WOD for time and included one of my least favorite but also one of  my favorite elements of CrossFit: rowing (booo) and thrusters (yayyyy).

27-21-15-9 calory row/thrusters of 20kg (scaled)

I finished it in an okay time of 11 minutes and 51 seconds and might try the RX version sometime soon, meaning 30kg thrusters. For fun of course.

But for now, the 2015 CrossFit Games Open are in the books. They are over, finito, zu Ende! Thanks to everyone who came to support! Thanks to all judges and coaches, photographers, dogs, bakers, friends, and the big big global CrossFit community! Keep up the great spirit!




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