The Open: 15.1 is done.

My 1 year anniversary of CrossFit is only a few days away. Let me say this: it’s been a crazy first year of beast mode and frustration, PRs and rest days, and about 100-150 WODs. While this may not seem a lot to full-time CrossFitters, I still made good progress with (only) two sessions per week in all this time. After all I now know there are scarier things out there (in CrossFit universe) than burpees.

And even more so, I made some really good friends that got me into signing up for a team challenge a while ago and now even The Open: a series of workouts over the course of five weeks that people all over the world can complete. The best of the best are competing round for round to qualify for regional competitions and eventually the Games. Others – the majority – are not necessarily competing, but participating to see how far they’ve come. I’m one of them. And I’m also doing it for banana bread…yummy banana bread, and even vegan. Need I say more? I’ll let you know after the open how much banana bread it was that I’ve eaten.

Let the Open begin
My box (CrossFit Sankt Pauli) threw a „The Open Party – 15.1“ at our newest location (CrossFit Sankt Pauli, Ottensen). Everyone was invited to come for support or bring some cake (for support). Every athlete who signed-up for the Open had the chance to complete the workout in heats of 3-4 people:

10818336_10205158525395533_8852336965173745606_oWorkout 15.1: 9-minute AMRAP: 15 toes-to-bars, 10 deadlifts, 5 snatches (RX: M 115 lb. /  F 75 lb. || Scaled: 15 hang – knee-ups, M 85 lb./F 55 lb.)
Workout 15.1a: 1-rep-max clean and jerk – 6-minute time cap

Going into the workouts I wasn’t sure what was possible, how many rounds I could do and what my C&J would be. I guess I was just glad the first workouts didn’t include any kind of gymnastics – that would have been a less beastmode-esque start into The Open for me. While I was pretty content with my 15.1 result of 187 reps, 15.1a turned out to be less successful. But I keep telling myself that not knowing my PR for I haven’t trained for a maximum C&J weight yet, should make me relax. Comparing myself to the RX level athletes around me will only make me feel weaker than I am.

Since I had to drop the 40kg bar before locking my shoulders, 35kg became the new PR that I could build up to.

And that’s exactly what I did yesterday. I didn’t attempt for an overall better 15.1 result to submit online and score a better ranking in The Open. My muscles were still sore from Saturday and a deeply missed bootcamp training session on Sunday. So this time I really wanted to take things more relaxed. At the same time, I also wanted to give those 40kg another try without a big crowd and time pressure. Just like you should get back on to your feet if you tripped.

10382433_10205153528870623_5618198414920039071_oThis time I took smaller steps – after 35kg I tried 38kg before loading the bar with two more kilos. I allowed myself more time to breathe and focus on the technique. And voila: within only 2 days I improved my clean and jerk PR by 5kg.

While sometimes you succeed, sometimes you’ll be disappointed. It’s up to you to get out of that hole and work on having more successful days. While this may not be big news, a sport like CrossFit is a great way to make you appreciate the possibilities given to you and let you carry this mental strength into other environments like your job or relationship. All you need to do is be open to becoming a better you – and then treat yourself to some delicious banana bread. That said: Well done to everyone who’s completed 15.1. Are you curious for what’s next? I am!

All photos in this post were taken by Sina, aka Tiger Lilly. Thank you! 


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