Throwback Thursday

I wonder when Throwboack Thursday became so popular and who made it a thing. Any idea? Was it a celebrity who wanted to show a little more realness by posting a filter-free childhood picture? Maybe. Either way, I like this social media movement, because sometimes I like to sit back and enjoy a little nostalgia.

The other day a friend of mine celebrated her birthday with friends from various stages of her life. Everyone got to share their favorite memory of their friendship. I loved every single story!

I think these memories and flashbacks make us realize how pretty cool our lives are, especially if we’re having a shitty day. My recipe for a bad, moody day is watching music videos from the 90’s that include massive dance choreographies – like Caught in the Act’s „Love is Everywhere“ (and of course couching).

Now I could dig through my box of photos from the 80’s and 90’s, or sing a long some crappy pop songs from back in the days. But for my first Throwback Thursay story I decided to share a very recent one. The photo you see above was taken in February this year. I was staying in Santa Marta when I decided to get my Open Water and Advanced Open Water diving licences. It was a week packed with early waking up, driving to nearby Taganga, sqeezing into a damp wetsuit, bumby boat rides, saltwater, morning diving sessions, underwater discoveries and learning how to navigate, how to stay boyant, how to read my gauge, how to put on a circus show for the fish and crabs and all the creatures down there, when my instructor made me do sommersaults and swim through a loop – and even how to stay calm during a thrilling night dive. In the afternoons I would try to get some theory in my head with a beer or fresh fruit juice, or write postcards that I would send only a few days before returning home.

Santa Marta became my home away from home for much longer than I attempted to stay in any place. It also became the place that I returned to after my trip to Palomino, La Guajira, and Costeno Beach. It was the one place where saying goodbye made me realize that my trip would be over very soon. But with mental pictures and even actual pictures from this time I get to go back whenever I feel the need of my „sunny diving-paradise-home away from home“.


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