Yes, faith…I’m listening

If you look at this selfie you may question my sense of style, but finding the right shoes to the air cast, because I’m such a girl that still wants to wear a dress once in a while is a painful challenge…

A few years ago someone stole my bike – in front of my house. I was furious of course! My lovely white bike was stolen and I was forced to walking again (because I avoid taking public transportation as much as possible). A good friend of mine said back then: „maybe you have a guardian angel that saved you from a severe accident and now had your bike stolen.“ Though, I didn’t like the idea of someone else getting into an accident (even though Schadenfreude kann feel good sometimes), I did like the thought of a guardian angel protecting me from something worse.

A few years later – today – I’m back to thinking that faith or this secret, invisible guardian angel or even karma is protecting me. I just haven’t figured out what it’s protecting me from and why.

The circumstances however are quite unfortunate, I have to say:
First I twisted my ankle by just carelessly stepping aside and slipping of a minor edge. As a matter of fact I somehow managed to twist both ankles and am now limping with torn ligaments on the left and a still slightly bruised and swollen right ankle. None of the two doctors I went to prescribed crutches. Instead, one just taped my left ankle, while the other at least conducted an x-ray to exclude fractures, and gave me a more protecting and stabilizing air cast. I am allowed to walk, but am supposed to rest as much as possible, lift my foot (my right ankle wasn’t checked, because I didn’t notice anything back then). Also, I am allowed to cycle. No working-out-cycling of course, but daily errands and getting to work is absolutely okay. And it’s absolutely awesome for riding my bike is faster, comfortable, less painful.

If only everything was okay with my bike.

To make things worse, I got a flat tire on my way to an appointment with a real estate agent. And on my way back home I found myself on a Stadtrad trying to push my flat tired bike with one hand, which turned out to be a stupid idea, and even more so when it started raining like cats and dogs with thunderstorm and lighting about to hit town (no selfies available…)

A moment of bittersweet comedy that was only familiar to me from movies. I found myself in the pouring rain, with soaking wet clothes, and gazing to the sky talking to the clouds. „I really don’t understand, what you’re trying to tell me“.

After my injury I thought, maybe I should take things more slowly. So I did.
With my flat tired bike I am not sure what to think anymore.

It’s a big mystery I am trying to solve with swollen and funnily bruised feet and ankles.

20140701_123301While figuring out this riddle, I quickly noticed a change in social encounters. With my unmissable air cast and the obvious limping, people instantly start talking to me – even strangers. This injury turned out to be an ideal ice breaker and helpful topic for smalltalk. 85 % of all people I spoke to since the incident shared some kind of similar story of a torn ligament or even a cruciate ligament rupture, the therapy, the duration till they were back to normal walking and training.

The other day while performing one-legged showering I wondered if faith is telling me to ask more for help! As natural as this may sound to other people it’s uncommon for me.

Whatever the answer to this mystery is I wonder what the happy end will look like and what this lesson of limping and uplifted feet teaches me. Even though I’m no religious person I somehow believe in Karma. Naturally I am wondering if I’ve been a bad person lately…or if I’m just getting a warning (like a yellow card in soccer) that still lets me do most of the things.

And so I’m trying to stay motivated, after all it’s just a torn ligament…

One of my favorite findings this week was this video about Courtney Sanders, a climber who’s training with a cast. I’ll talk to my trainers and will see how we can scale my training!

And one of my favorite quotes this week is by Krystal Cantu who lost one arm and returned to training Cross Fit: „If you want safety, wrap yourself in bubble wrap and sit in the couch!“ So don’t even bother telling me that „Sport ist Mord“ (a stupid German saying, literally meaning „sports are killing“), because I’ll be back on (the running) track!


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