Hugging ain’t no rocketscience!

Have you ever wondered how you hug and why? Is hugging rocket science?

Hugs are to greet one another, to congratulate, to console, to celebrate, to show affection. Hugs are shared between family members, friends, lovers,  colleagues, sports companions – sometimes even strangers. Hugs can be passionate, long, sincere, warm – but hugs can also be brief, stiff, and even phony. Sadly.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-17 um 23.04.38Hugs between women and men can make a difference in their (friendly) relationship, hugs between men usually always end with three to four strong slaps on the back. Don’t believe it? Whatch this tutorial. The exception: When your favorite team scores the big win, any sort of hug – especially the group hug – is performed impulsively.

Ever wondered when it is appropriate to hug your work superiors? In some working environments the handshake is the most intimate form of body contact, in others hugging or a kiss on the cheek isn’t perceived as awkward at all. To make sure you won’t get yourself into an embarrassing situation at work, especially as a newbie, wait for the others to make an approach, and observe. No one will turn down your handshake, although it could happen that you’re pulled towards your counterpart for a hug. If you don’t feel comfortable hugging, make sure to keep body distance.

There are also hugs between humans and trees, humans and animals, and humans and stuffed animals.

A hug can end up in the first kiss between two people or mark the end of a relationship.

But I prefer to see the hug as an ice breaker, as something beautiful, intense and the beginning of something new. The hug is powerful.

Never turn down a free hug…unless you meet someone in the saune (and whom you don’t like).


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