2nd Chances

2nd chances are great. At least sometimes. They allow you to revise your opinion on a certain topic or your opinion about a person. Sometimes, of course! But who knows, maybe some day I’ll rethink this post and even say: 2nd chances? Always!

We cannot and should not expect perfection from the start. Hence, we should allow a second chance. On the other side, we should not rely on the fact that there will always be another chance and thus not try hard enough from the beginning.

Here’s an example:
I gave running a half marathon a second chance – in fact just today: Last year I ran the half marathon in Hamburg for the first time and managed to finish in less than 2 hours. I felt exhausted and relieved at first but terrible later that day. A year later I still remember this day all too well. I felt like I had the hangover of my life and never wanted to run again. All I wanted was not to think about running at all for what it had done to me that day and I couldn’t imagine running even twice the distance in a full marathon. (while writing this, I realize: hangovers get many second chances, don’t they?! ^-^)

Well, some of you know that I went back to running and that I actually finished my first full marathon this year – and as I mentioned earlier, I finished my second half marathon today. And it felt good. I still feel good. I am extremely happy, I had a blast and I am smiling from ear to ear like a teenager in love.

I cannot explain what made me change my opinion on running and especially on running 21,1 km. Better training? Better weather? More friends who share the same passion and thus understand what I am going (running) through? Increasing joy while pacing through the city? More self-confidence and better self-esteem? And last but not least: stronger understanding that there is nothing to lose!? I guess so.

I was also curious if I would feel the same way after my second halfmarathon, given that I would run another one. I wanted to know if this is an evil distance to me – a cursed race, one that I should leave to others. Maybe I was just not the type to run 21,1km.

Of course a half marathon or any other distance run is not a person and does not talk back to you and drive you crazy. A race, however, also has its flaws and traits of character – every run is different and can be a f*** son of a b***. Can be.

But then a again, we cannot and should not try to turn people around as we cannot change a race. Instead we can learn how to deal with them (people, sports races…) and accept their uniqueness. It’s of course easier said than done and it does not always work out when we give – or when we get – a second chance.

But not giving a second chance a chance at all is not an option!


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