Let’s get married!

It’s not me who’s getting married this weekend – my friends, who have been together for nearly ten years, are. I’ll (only) be a guest.

Being a wedding guest isn’t too hard, one may think. Some get to take over an important part such as the maid of honor or the groom’s best man. All the others only need to put on a happy face for the newlyweds, be thankful for the invitation and have a good time. And make sure not to look better than the wedding-couple!

Of course I wouldn’t want to compete with the bride for she’s a natural beauty and looks great in anything (and the groom certainly, too). But hey, ladies, let’s admit, we still want to look good and feel pretty at such an occasion. So finding a – pardon THE PERFECT DRESS is our mission before the wedding – assumed, we haven’t accomplished this yet AND also have already figured out our gift-idea. Gifts, don’t forget about the gifts…different topic though.

And this is what I did: I went on a mission for THE PERFECT DRESS that ideally applies for several weddings as I am sure more and more of my friends will decide to tie the knot in the near future. So THE PERFECT DRESS needs to be long-lasting and multiapliccable despite the seasons. It needs to be flattering, hide the not so perfect body parts, easy to put on and have a comprehensible value for money – oh and it shouldn’t be white.

The question is: Where do you find such a dress?
I asked myself this exact question over and over again and after having tried on 41 (!) dresses in stores and from online retailers I still haven’t found the answer. I still haven’t found THE PERFECT DRESS two days before the wedding. BUT: I am not the bride. I am just a guest. I’ll eventually find and wear a dress, a suit or anything just so I won’t cause a nude scandal. What a drama!!!

True story: What a drama!
It is a first world problem! Absolutely. Shame on me and probably shame on all the others who waste their time consuming and over-consuming. I know it is pathetic that I feel the need of buying a new dress although I already own a few fine pieces that could totally work for a wedding, although they are black. I hesitate wearing black to a wedding ever since I overheard somebody’s mother complaing at a wedding last year that black is not suitable for a wedding. Well…I was one of the people who gad the guts to show up in black. Honestly, I believe there’s nothing wrong with a classic black dress. Styled with the right accessories it doesn’t make you look like you’re going to a funeral. But after such a long long long winter and the wait for spring I really am longing for some color!

Luckily retailers have countless colorful, bright colored, happy colored affordable dresses on their racks and in e-stores. It probably is only a matter of fast scrolling and time-management to sort out the good ones and name one of the favorites „my“ – THE PERFECT DRESS. But….

…41 dresses?
Yes, I actually tried on fourty-one dresses. Various styles and cuts and fabrics – from „I’m almost 99% positive I like it, but…“ to „OUT OF MY FACE NOW“: maxi, mini, lace, print, uni-colored, fancy, casual, 20€ or 200€, cotton, jersey, polyester, chiffon, silk or viskose…with various reactions from my friends. But in the end I didn’t choose one of them. Polyester has become a no-go – I try to avoid this yucky fabric. Lace doesn’t work for me. Maxis are great but make me look like I want to hide a pregnancy belly. It’s NOT a pregnancy belly (it’s my four-pack). Minis aren’t so great either for I have quite distinct leg muscles…and so on and so on.

So in the end I am about to opt for either a black or dark-blue alternative. One is A-shaped, the other stretch, figure-accentuating. Both are already hanging in my closet just waiting for their next public appearance. Okay, yes I tried to avoid dark. And yes, I tried to hide the muscles and almost-fourpack. I even looked for those shape-panties that squeeze away all your extra bits for you to pretend you’re super slim. So ridiculous we women have come to believe this is neccessary. Also, both dresses are of simple fabrics – cotton and jersey – so both nontypical fancy occasion dresses.

I’ve come to this conclusion: It is indeed a first world problem that I spent so much time dress-hunting and also so much time worrying, I won’t look good enough for my friends‘ celebration, especially since I’m normally super-relaxed when it comes to fashion, because I’m not on a mission. Chances are very little the bridal couple will say „Catie really was a fashion-let-down today, we’ll never invite her again to our wedding.“

I am sure we’ll all look fantastic and will have a blast. We can celebrate love in pyjamas, can’t we? If we’re in a happy mood we’re already dressed to impress. Something we should think about more often rather than creating artificial stress. Having said this and no matter of what I’ll be wearing – let’s get married!

+++dedicated to Julia and Fabian+++all the best to you two+++thanks for having me at your wedding+++


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