Attention please!



The week has just started and I would like to take the chance to make a few announcements:

1st: thefeldstudien has been around for half a year and I have decided to continue observing people’s public behaviour. Stories will be told in German and sometimes in English – for practice – and almost always with a wink.

2nd: Today, I am taking up my training for my very first and full marathon taking place on April 21st 2013, start 9:00 am, finish: tba – in the beautiful city of Hamburg! Yes, it’s true! How about a round of applaus for that – I will need it! And to make this announcement even more official: This is my main new year’s resolution and chances are big I will blog about my experience – the painful training-sessions, other marathon-maniacs and the event itself. All with a wink, of course.

3rd: Social Media Week is coming up and Hamburg will be host for the second time after 2012, taking place between February 18th-23rd. Since I currently work in communications I am very excited about this social media conference. Not only will I be attending variuos events hoping to gain new insights in social media, I am also organizing two wonderful events:
a) @ JDB Media A panel with bloggers and enterprises „The Clash of Interest – How does this collaboration work“ on February 18th, 6 pm  – check out the remaining seats online: Social Media Week Hamburg Schedule and follow on Twitter #smwhh
b) the very first SOFAR sounds in Hamburg on February 20th, 8pm – check out the remaining seats of this secret gig online: Social Media Week Hamburg Schedule and follow on Twitter #smwsofar

4th: This is for all of my Facebook friends: Friday photos will of course still be posted. Maybe not every week, but since we all love Fridays there is no point in not trying to deliver a winky Friday-photo. Creative ideas are more than welcome.

So, stay tuned for more stories from thefeldstudien and feel free to share your comments, questions and feedback with me.


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