The Return Of The…

…ordinary, and Barack Obama as President of the USA and Star Wars as Disney version.

We should all take a deep breath before hyperventilating. My timelines on Twitter and Facebook have regained the mix of global news, opinions, pictures and random shit (cats, owls…). I am relieved.

Even my tan is slowly vanishing, so no-one is fake interested in my awesome (HELL YEAH) vacation and then says (as a joke…): „I hate you for being so tanned and for having been surfing and for your blue-sky-pictures, hahahaha“.

Mhm. Funny.

A short thought in this: OPINION, the

These days it seems everybody has an opinion on what is going on in the world and pretending (!) the election of the US-president will have a direct impact in them – and with direct I mean personal (this counts for my non-American friends and aquaintances). Of course I  think it is great and important to know about world politics. But what I read online and offline these days has nothing to do with elaborate politics. It is frustrating. It is even frustrating following the news…they don’t differ from each other and „hyper-focuss“ on this singular topic. As if the rest of the world is standing still. How about China for a change. Today (hopefully) a change of leadership will be decided.

But no-one seems to care. And we’re back to sharing cats and owls and coffee talk.

In the end – it is good to have an opinion. Maybe we haven’t found the right way to express and share it. Or we lost ourselves and our „opinions“ to the buzz of the internet. You post, what you think, you mean what you post. And what you mean goes lost in the buzz.

So much to:  I am relieved that everything is back to normal.

Any opinion on that?


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